I have been working hard with my web designer, Yen from Sydney Web Designing to get my new Australian website online.  We were hoping we had it up sooner for a Father’s Day promotion but as things happen, we are a little late.  We’re still working on the final version, especially the Gallery.  We hope to have it complete in the next two weeks.  Having said that, here is my new site and here is my current promotion for a Gift for your Dad; for any Dad, actually, on Father’s Day!

A Wonderful Gift For Your Greatest Hero

A Father’s Day Photo

Wondering what to get your dad this Father’s Day in Western Sydney?

Why not give your dad the Gift of a Special Memory, a Father’s Day Portrait Photography Shoot for your dad, specially printed and framed on canvas or acryllic!

It’s hard to find a present for Dad sometimes; why not gift your dad a professional Father’s Day Photo?

Sometimes you just want to do something different.  Sometimes you just want to give back and say ‘thank you‘ for all the wonderful things your dad has done.

Have dad photographed as an individual portrait shot, a portrait photo with his favourite pet, with his favourite child (that would be you! <super grin>) or with his favourite car.  Whatever he wants.  It’s his day.  His Gift.  Make it something just for him on Father’s Day!

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