Loving nature and the colours produced at dusk and dawn motivates me to do landscape photography.

I want to be out there, spend more time on the scene, enjoy the moment, cherish the opportunity of being able to see it as is, and less time behind a screen post-editing.

So, where do I think you should spend your time as a new photographer?  Out there in the field.  Pointing and shooting.  Experimenting.

 Here is an excerpt from an article of interest.  You can read the entire article here.

“Time to be more creative” by David Shaw

“When I saw a composition,  I would raise my camera and shoot, re-compose, shoot again, and so on for several minutes, while other photographers were still working out the best lens, camera body, or filter for the situation.

I also found I had more time and energy to simply sit on the tundra, look, and wait. I wasn’t fiddling with my gear so I had long moments to experience the places where I was photographing.

Come to think of it, that may actually be why I feel my photography improved so much. I had the time to be creative.”

Source: https://digital-photography-school.com/find-more-creativity-using-less-gear

If a professional photographer is more concerned about being in the moment, becoming part of the environment he is shooting in, then I suggest you possibly try the same.

It is almost like a waking meditation.  Just allow your attention to focus around you and watch as you notice things jumping out at you…  And capture this!

You certainly must make time for just exploring your own creativity.    You won’t regret it.

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